It takes time to build up the business relationship. Don't kill the business relationship you have built. If you kill the relationship, you kill your business.

Our business relationship is very valuable & priceless. You can use our service and relationship to improve your business - the quality of your business. Our service and relationship is irreplaceable. In the long run you can gain from our service and business relationship if you know how to use.

Business relationship is an asset which can bring you interest and profit. It is not easy to build, but very easy to destroy.

If you need reliable business friend, you have to make the friend long beforehand. No relationship, no friend.

In this quick changing world, can you do everything by yourself ? Don't you need any outside service ? Let's provide you with our services. We can do quicker and better for you.

How to develop business in the
European Union sporting goods market
Klaus Uhl

We can help our clients to spotlight business & market opportunities and develop business & market plans to enter into the Asian markets, especially Taiwan & China . Our services are including marketing research, strategic planning, selling, sales representation, distribution, merchandising and a full range of marketing support.

Market Development Services

POYANG provides an array of market development services, from delivering expert counsel on market strategies to introducing you to other key players in the industry to data-driven services such as sales territory quantification and analysis.

Our market development services include:

Database marketing services
Consultation on market position, planning and strategies and new product introductions
Telemarketing services
Introduction of key players with technological synergies
Development of advisory groups, networks and coalitions for market building
Services in support of acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and mergers
Support for professional associations

We would be pleased to discuss your specific needs. To request further information, e-mail us with your requirements.
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