It takes time to build up the business relationship. Don't kill the business relationship you have built. If you kill the relationship, you kill your business.

Our business relationship is very valuable & priceless. You can use our service and relationship to improve your business - the quality of your business. Our service and relationship is irreplaceable. In the long run you can gain from our service and business relationship if you know how to use.

Business relationship is an asset which can bring you interest and profit. It is not easy to build, but very easy to destroy.
We are proudly reconfirmed and reinforced by our outstanding products, Factories, services, partners and potential customers (click here) . Please see everything shown in this website. Thank you !

Business is dynamic not static. The improvement of existing Products and the development of new ones are essential. This requires allocating resources to research and development ( R&D ). The difficult decisions a company has to make are how much it should spend on R&D and what sort of R&D it should spend it on.

  Poyang in cooperation with strategic partners can provide you with all the required technical support to ensure that your product design and development can meet or exceed all the certification requirements for the worldwide markets.

Our product qualification team can assist you with all the technical capabilities.

Product Development Knowledge & Technology
Product Development Strategic Orientation
Product Data management / Product Information Management
Rapid Prototyping Technology
Product configuration
Product Structure and Bills of Material
Product Development Forum
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