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We are your company products provider.
We are your company profit assistant.
We are your sourcing manager.
We are your purchase partner.
We are your value-added service provider.
We provide you with our professional knowledge and service.
If your people cannot find the supply, please come to us. We can help you to get the right sources and products.
If your people are too slow to react to your need, please come to try us.
If your people are too snobbish, please come to us and we'll treat you as a real customer.
If your people drive you crazy, keep them out of the loop and use our services.
If you need banana and your people give you peanut, please come to us and we'll give you the right product.
If your people give you the expensive and poor stuff, please come to us and we'll give you the best.
If your people disappointed you, please come to us and we'll please you.
All good things are cheap, all bad things are very dear.
Henry David Thoreau, American writer
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Factory Photos & Video
Glove factory Injection Factory
Display factory 1 Display factory 2
Display factory 3 Rotational Moulding factory
Helmet factory 1
Helmet factory 2
Helmet factory 3
Helmet factory 4
Helmet factory 4
Helmet factory 3
Kick Scooter factory 1
Kick Scooter factory 2
Bag factory 1
Bag factory 2
Bag factory 3
Bag factory 4
Bag factory 3
Long boards and Skateboards
Heating equipment factory
Neoprene factory 1
Neoprene factory 2
Plastics factory
Pad Set factory
Metal Processing factory 1
Metal Processing factory 2
Spin Bike factory
Roller Skates factory
CNC laser cutting factory
Packaging printing plant
Bike factory 1
Bike factory 2
  Walking Pole factory

Helmet production

Helmet impact test  

Skateboards test
Helmet Production process
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